Ground Hog Day Revisited

— Imagine you wake up to find yourself living the day over and over again.  Well life at deAurora has felt a lot like that over the past 2 years. Remodeling began on space 1871 in February of 2011 that would begin the Re-Imagined deAurora.  Since then we have begun to create our new world which continues […] see more >

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Bentley Churchill

Since its inception, Bentley Churchill has been producing some of the finest upholstery available.  With innovative styles and unparalleled comfort, they have quickly become a force in today’s home furnishing market.  Solid wood frames, eight-way hand tied springs, and industry leading core construction are staples of every piece in the line.  Using sustainably forested wood, recycled steel, and bio-based foam components, Bentley strives to leave the smallest possible footprint on the environment.

Bentley Churchill Photo 1
Bentley Churchill Photo 2

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